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Brounker Watts Longcase Showreel

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Welcome to Spencelayhs

Introducing our new gallery of Modern & Contemporary Art

Missing a certain copy of a Horological publication? We hold 1000's of original copies of many books in our Library.

* Antiquarian Horology

* Horological Journal

* Antique Clocks

* Clocks

* NAWCC Bulletin

* Timecraft


Be sure to check out 'The Library'.

Antiquarian Horology Book

An iconic piece of music memorabilia 

Obtained directly from Keith Flints estate

Originally residing in the lounge of Flints Essex mansion, this iconic life-size statue carved of African Shona stone portrays a mother with a child in a papoose on her back carrying firewood on her head which does in-fact lends itself to one of The Prodigy's greatest hits, 'Firestarter'. Reputedly commissioned by Flint in Johannesburg in 1999 whilst on their 'Big night out' tour at MTN Sundrome. A percentage of the proceeds will go to MIND charity in Keith's name.



Symphonion Model 30ST

A brief look at this totally original Symphonion 30STR from circa 1895.


Welcome to Spencelayhs Antiques, independent dealer in fine period clocks and fine art. An unusual name you may think? in fact the trading name was born from a passion for the British artist Charles Spencelayh who was born in October 1865. Spencelayh was an English Genre Painter and Portraitist, painting in the Academic style.

His work in my opinion was that of the highest supremacy, almost photographic. Over the years I became more and more drawn to his work, collecting and parting with many subjects.  

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